Actionable Research & Investment Ideas

Financial Markets are rapidly changing. Lack of transparency makes it difficult for investors to find actionable, differentiated information. TELK addresses this by providing timely, high quality insights that are tailored to your investment mandates.
One Platform

TELK is an Innovative Platform for Investment Research, Data, and Analytics that aggregates information from the best Independent Research Providers (IRPs) and delivers investment ideas from these sources.

*TELK is a subscription-based research technology platform, not a Broker/Dealer.

Your Automated Analyst

We digitize information, use machine learning, natural language processing, and quantitative analysis to provide relevant contextual analytics, tailored research ideas and investment strategies to investors.

Wealth & Asset Management Focused


Information Consumers: Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Financial Advisors, Chief Investment Officers

Information Providers & External Sources:

  • Premier Independent Research Providers (IRPs)

  • SEC filings, earnings call transcripts, investor relations websites, social media, alternative data vendors

Thomas Kingsley

Strategic Advisor

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