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Here is a list of our most asked questions. If you have any additional questions, hit us up at


General FAQ 


What is TELK?

TELK is a financial technology (FinTech) firm bringing transparency in the financial markets and democratizing access to high-quality investment research. Towards this, TELK operates a subscription-based platform that aggregates information from the best Independent Research Providers, overlays machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced search techniques resulting in saving investors both time and money


What is TELK’s goal? 

TELK’s goal is to make investing fun and enjoyable, leading you towards financial freedom


How do you differentiate yourself from other platforms and why do I need a new platform?

We bring institutional-quality research to retail investors. All of the analysts on the platform have multiple years (in many cases decades) of financial industry experience. Some have worked as analysts at top Wall Street Banks and Hedge Funds


What do you mean by institutional-quality research? 

We believe that institutional investors (long-only firms, hedge funds) have an edge in terms of their access to high quality research. This is research done by professionals, who have multiple years of experience in financial services. Many of them have multiple accreditations in finance, which may include a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation or an MBA in Finance. 


Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is anyone who wants to enjoy investing towards a broader goal of financial freedom.  


What markets are covered by TELK

TELK currently covers the U.S. markets. At a later stage we intend to cover global markets


What securities are covered by TELK

All US-listed equity securities are covered by TELK. Additionally, we present thought leadership on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, NFTs,  and ESG amongst others. 

Can I trade through TELK?

No, TELK is a research technology platform and not a broker/dealer.  Very soon we will provide integration into your trading platform/brokerage of choice to be able to see your positions. 


Is TELK an Investment Advisor? 

No, TELK is not an Investment Advisor. We are a pure research technology platform. 


How does TELK get its content/research? 

TELK has its own set of analysts. Additionally, TELK has partnered with some of the best Independent Research Providers (IRPs) to provide high-quality institutional-grade content. 


Who are Independent Research Providers (IRPs)

Independent Research Providers are individuals or firms that provide un-biased, un-conflicted research, as unlike traditional Sell-side firms, they don't have a trading or investment banking relationship with the companies they cover. 

What type of research is covered by TELK?

TELK covers global macro, quantitative, technical, fundamental, and special situations research on U.S. stocks. Additionally, TELK covers emerging technologies like blockchain, NFTs, AI, Virtual and Augment Reality, 

Do I need special software to access TELK? 

No. TELK is available through your web browser. Very soon we will be releasing an IPhone & Android app. Stay tuned!

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