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Should You Embrace or Fear Current Volatility?

(Part 2 - view below)

Considering the current geopolitical situation and  Fed, Inflation and Interest Rates

  • What sectors you should be invested in?

  • What are some specific stocks that our experts recommend? 

Financial Freedom seekers - should you embrace or fear the current volatility? Join us to hear from our expert speakers

What: How are you navigating the current market volatility? How are current geopolitical risks affecting your portfolio? Should you be buying the dip, and if yes, what stocks should you be picking in the expected higher interest rate environment? Will we have a V-shaped or slow recovery?

Featuring our expert speakers:

Eric Fill - Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager at Stargazer Asset Management and Founder at Spyglass Macro

Gary Brode – Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Investing

Kiran Pingali - Co-founder & CEO at TELK Group

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