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Interview with Laks Ganapathi: Founder/CEO of Unicus Research

Please view the above video to hear the following from Laks


  • How Laks' background in accounting led her to an accomplished career in finacial services, specifically investment research

  • How working as a contrarian analyst provided her the impetus for an extra level of due-diligence and fiduciary responsibility towards her clients

  • How her curiosity, passion, and search for intellectual freedom led her to found Unicus Research, a boutique research firm, striving to be the voice of reason to the investment community in the ocean of disinformation.

  • Some of the challenges she's faced since founding Unicus Research, right in the middle of the pandemic, and how she & her team have since adapted

  • How Laks and her team of experts have read through the 490-page SEC proposal, and are helping clients formulate a framework towards ESG investing.

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