TELK Podcast Series

Interview with Kian Sarreshteh
CEO of CryptoFi

Please view the above video to hear the following from Kian 

  • How Kian bought Crypto in 2013 from a stranger and waited in a bar for the Blockchain confirmations to go through and the crypto to show in his wallet.

  • How the above experience helped him shape towards creating CryptoFi, a Crypto-as-a-Service platform that provides a seamless experience to buy crypto natively through existing channels

  • How regulation and a lack of clarity on it is a huge challenge that needs to be overcome in the Crypto industry

  • How CryptoFi works with Banks and Credit Unions to offer their customers a seamless and meaningful access to Crypto : Launch date of this product is May, 2022

  • CryptoFi's retail product, which gives customers the ability to convert Crypto into Cash: Going live in late April. Go to for more information.